Effective store profiling giving you the control you need

Store Profiling

Mosaic’s Complis® Store Profiler provides retail marketers with the right Point of Sale (POS), posters, signage and display marketing, appropriate for each store based on their specific store profile and location.


- Increased speed to market
- Reduced cost of manufacture
- Reduced administration
- Up to date store profile and contact information
- Eliminates obsolescence
- Allows marketing to concentrate on core business
- Lower environmental impact
- Reduced warehousing and storage
- Centralised control of all stores

Mosaic’s Complis® Store Profiler does this by:

- centralising operational administration
- creating optimised delivery profiles for onward distribution
- maximising customer exposure to product marketing by selective positioning
- building up a database of unique attributes for each store: location, store size, product range, customer footfall and profile

- signage requirement and fixtures and fittings
- creating a database of all available marketing collateral by type, product, reference, etc.
- creating a detailed fulfilment/kitting list, by store
- analysing and defining the exact quantities of marketing collateral each store needs