Insight & Innovation.

Your brand ambassador.

By understanding your consumer using our global insight platform, we learn what makes your brand tick. From there, we execute your brand’s identity with our team of creatives, using our suite of digital and traditional marketing tools.

Consumer Research.

About as broad a specialism as you’ll find, we know – but we make sure we understand your goals, your plans, and your audience intrinsically, focusing our efforts on the research that will provide the most useful insight, and the best return on investment.

We think globally, with access to 40,000 data points across more than 45 countries. Demographics, online activities, attitudes, brand preferences… we’re confident that if we don’t have the answers, we can find them.

Trend Watching.

We like to keep our finger on the pulse at Mosaic, and believe exploring your industry regularly is essential to engage with your customers.

Understanding trends and current needs of your target audience provides you with a foundation to innovate your marketing campaigns and make an impact.

2D Design.

We support our clients with graphic design, web design, artworking, print in all shapes and sizes, and so much more. Our studio team is made up of designers from a wide range of backgrounds with a diverse array of skills.

Mosaic Studios’ artworkers and designers have an innate understanding of the different cross-platform needs for both digital and print, with excellent attention to detail.

3D Design.

Our studio works across a variety of 3D design disciplines. 3D visualisations are an indispensable tool for presenting concepts of all kinds, while virtual and augmented reality is increasingly in reach as a practical – but still so powerful – solution for brands.

Mosaic Studio is always at the cutting edge, searching for new concepts and technologies, and working out the best ways to make them accessible for our clients.

Digital Development.

Taking the vaguest of ideas into the beginning of something so much bigger. Scoping out the technical specifications of what we’re delivering and creating the blueprints for the whole project. Driving digital projects forwards.

Mosaic Studio helps our clients move into the future, expanding digital capabilities in exciting new ways, combined with the latest technology.

Motion Graphics.

Film and motion graphics are essential for telling the stories that brands need to tell, whether the goal is to convey information or create an emotional connection.

In the Mosaic Studio, we like to make things that move, whether as a standalone project or incorporated into a wider campaign.

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