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Consumer Research &

Behavioural Analysis.

Research is fundamental for everything we do at Mosaic. It informs the work of our creative studio, our campaign delivery, and the way we communicate – every creative spark is backed up by in-depth analysis to make sure it’s the right way to go.

We know what makes people tick – and if we don’t, we can find out. We get inside people’s heads (not… completely literally) and understand them better than they can understand themselves. This is how we deliver work that can truly connect with the right people.

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Consumer Research.

About as broad a specialism as you’ll find, we know – but we make sure we understand your goals, your plans, and your audience intrinsically, focusing our efforts on the research that will provide the most useful insight, and the best return on investment.

We think globally, with access to 40,000 data points across more than 45 countries. Demographics, online activities, attitudes, brand preferences… we’re confident that if we don’t have the answers, we can find them.

Consumer Behaviour.

A psychologically driven approach to understanding human behaviour – whether conscious or unconscious – gives us excellent insight into audiences. How they’ve behaved in the past, and how they’re likely to behave in the future.

This is how our research goes deeper – while asking questions can tell you a lot, it can’t tell you everything. Our behavioural approach means our insights can be more… well, insightful!

Persona Creation.

Buyer personas are accessible portraits of an ideal customer. Informed by every piece of research, they are a simple and straightforward way to understand your audience in broad strokes. Who they are, what they do, what they like, what challenges they’re facing, and how you can help.

Personas should, in turn, inform the creative process – not binding so much as guiding, making sure that you always keep your intended audiences in mind.

Biometric Testing.

How do we tap into the unconscious minds of your audience? Through biometrics. At Mosaic, we have our own in-house biometric lab for research and testing.

Biometric software allows us to analyse eye tracking, facial expression, GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) and more to give you direct insight into consumer behaviour, identifying the approaches that will really connect.

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