Marketing and Procurement Workflow Software from Mosaic.

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Our bespoke marketing technology provides a huge range of services and features in one package, providing visibility across the organisation, driving best practice and ensuring compliance.
Configured and integrated with your existing system in just hours, rather than days, Mosaic Technology works with Sage, SAP, Ariba, e-procurement systems, consignment systems, order processing software and file transfer networks.
But as for what it does? Well, keep scrolling.
Store Profiling.
Use in-built store profiling tools to provide your retail locations with the right Point of Sale (POS), posters, signage and display marketing, appropriate for each store based on their specific store profile and location, giving you centralised control of all stores and reducing the resources needed – from storage to administration time – to keep your locations up to date.
Improve and streamline both sides of your tendering process with powerful estimating tools that make it easy to create and send tenders all in one place and monitor the outcomes – rather than across everyone's email inboxes.
Digital Asset Management.
Multi-channel marketing brings with it an almost never-ending stream of assets and files to keep track of and manage. With DAM software from Mosaic Technology, centralising, finding, searching and distributing marketing assets across an organisation (and beyond) has never been simpler. Version control, audit trails and controlled access make this a must-have for efficient marketing execution.
Supply Chain.
With so many moving parts in multi-channel marketing campaigns, the need to outsource is increasingly unavoidable. Use Mosaic Technology to keep track of supplier capabilities, turnarounds, ratings, quality control, locations and much, much more. Its supply chain management made simple.
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