Our Commitments

to Sustainability.

Buying the 25 acre field next to our Mosaic Group premises, York House, was just the beginning. It allowed us to plant 12,000 trees and create a thriving nature reserve.

Here are some key actions we have put in place which are supporting our sustainability strategy…

Celebrating 19 years on our beautiful planet.

The ways we intend to keep our workplace environmentally friendly:


❯ 25 acres of wildflowers and 12,000 trees planted in our nature reserve.

❯ Rainwater gathered from roof of premises redirected to create a natural lake in our nature reserve.

❯ 26 acres of woodland, meadow, river preserved by our CEO, Tony Gill.

At the office.


❯ Fully refurbished office, including triple glazing, LED lighting and full insulation.

❯ Mosaic has handed out over 300 reusable bottles fighting single use plastics.

❯ Fresh fruit available to staff, grown by local producers to support local businesses.

❯ Major steps taken towards paperless internal business communication.

❯ Full MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meet rolled out to reduce travel, encouraging virtual engagement.

❯ Complis® Delivery Tracking brings new carbon footprint tracking tool to our procurement system.



❯ Staff are switching to electric with car charging points installed at York House.

❯ National Cycle to Work scheme in its 19th year at Mosaic.

❯ New low energy technology provided to all staff.

❯ Established a brand new technology recycling scheme.


Our sustainability


❯ Carbon Neutral objective set, securing our 14001 accreditation for the 7th year.

❯ Full recommendation of sustainable offerings for our clients.

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