Mosaic’s Complis® Technologies

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Mosaic Technology

Mosaic Technology is a multi award winning complete workflow solution for marketing and procurement. Our solution is all about being flexible and understanding that the solution required will vary from customer to customer and accepting no one size fits all, we make the model to suit the client, it starts with listening.

Over the last 7 years we have developed our Mosaic Complis® platform to run our business and for us to be able to drive value for our clients and provide tools and features to enhance the corporates we serve.

Large organisations will either understand the need to outsource to experts to deliver value, or they will have a large internal team who supply that function. Mosaic Group either helps in providing an outsourced solution or we supply technology to help the Global Brand drive value using our award winning Mosaic Complis software and avoid all the well documented pitfalls of in house teams. It's about visibility, driving best practice and keeping safe and compliant.