Configured with your current set up in hours


Security tested and accredited, Mosaic’s Complis® offers one of the most comprehensive software solutions available for managing your internal and external business processes.
Designed and built by experienced business and system analysts and employing only the very best people using the latest technology, Mosaic’s Complis® delivers software as it should be.


A staged approach

Implementation will be carried out in convenient phases, allowing all internal and external stakeholders to manage the implementation whilst continuing to manage existing business.

During the development of the project plan, all key tasks will be identified and resource allocated. Mosaic’s Complis® will assign a project manager to work with you to manage a phased implementation using robust Project Management methodologies.

Training and user testing

During the various stages of the implementation, Mosaic’s Complis® will provide appropriate training and user testing to make sure our solution is compliant with all customer requirements before deployment.

Ongoing support

Once deployed Mosaic’s Complis® will provide telephone, email and remote access support as well as an online user guide to make sure that users have access to ongoing technical support.

Implemented in days not months

Mosaic’s Complis® integrates with your existing legacy systems as well as those of your customers, suppliers and service providers. Integrating with your own systems, such as Sage, SAP or Ariba is very straight forward and usually configured in hours rather than days. This is also the case when integrating with your customers' e-procurement systems, your couriers' consignment systems, or your suppliers' order processing, JDF or file transfer systems.
As part of our implementation planning process our technical team will provide the following documentation to make your implementation as painless as possible:

- Project plans for operational and technical configuration
- Project Scope documents
- Contact and change management documentation

Our implementation team will also offer guidance and advice on best practice and discuss options to configure Mosaic’s Complis® to align with your existing internal and external business processes enabling you to work how you want to work whilst ensuring that business rules are followed.