Hosting and Back Up

Secure hosting with reliable backups

Hosting with confidence

You can be confident when moving your business onto the Mosaic’s Complis® platform. Many of our customers rely on Mosaic’s Complis® to store and manage all of their business-critical data.

These customers include print management companies in several countries around the world, as well as large corporates, including one of the worlds’ largest insurance companies, several international financial organisations and large charities. Many of our customers have carried out their own due-diligence checks and security audits.

Rack Space Hosting

Mosaic’s Complis® is hosted at Rack space in the United Kingdom. Rack space are one of the worlds’ leading hosting companies and boasts “the largest managed cloud provider” and trusted by two-thirds of the FORTUNE 100. Their infrastructure provides the highest level of reliability, resilience and security, supported by over 3,000 specialist technicians, twenty-four hours a day.

Microsoft's Mainland Back Up

Data stored within Mosaic’s Complis® is backed up every 6 hours and all files (digital assets) are backed-up every minute. In addition to these on-site backups, all databases and assets are backed to Microsoft’s Mainland European Datacentres every hour, providing full resilience against hosting provider and national disasters.

The best applications and databases

Our applications and databases are hosted on multiple servers and utilise load balancing and clustering technologies, providing automatic failover for the highest levels of availability. Our application and infrastructure is subject to over 150,000 automated checks every day, as well as independent security audits and certified Payment Card Industry certification.

- 24/7/365 support from over 3,000 technicians
- Secure data centre
- Resilient servers
- Resilient power
- Resilient climate control
- Resilient network (100% uptime guarantee)
- 1-hour hardware replacement
- 150,000 automated checks every day
- Auto-failover infrastructure