DAMS & Web2Print

Online campaign management driven by your brand

With user friendly online tools at your fingertips, such as digital asset management, web2print and image repurposing, you can save vast amounts of time and money; whilst having better control of your brand and making it more consistent and easier to manage across all channels.


By centralising all of your Digital Assets, you will spend less time searching and more time being productive.
Not only artwork, but logos, fonts, photos and any other types of file can be stored, retrieved, shared, archived, converted and linked.


Online campaign management directly involves all parties in the workflow, so everyone will know what they are doing, everyone will be using the latest file version, and everyone will be notified immediately when there are tasks ready for them.


You can define a campaign, list the requirements, assign the tasks and let Mosaic’s Complis® manage the workflow and progress chasing for you, leaving you free to be creative and make decisions.


Mosaic’s Complis® will help you manage your integrated marketing spend to boost your revenues, retain satisfied customers and connect with new prospects – right across every customer journey.
Mosaic’s Complis® will help you deploy innovative, cohesive campaigns across all media types; maximising your return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Your brand is an extremely valuable asset for your organisation. It educates people about the products and services you provide and directly adds to the growth of your business.


Providing easy to access and simple to use information and guidance about your brand to everyone in your organization is essential to prevent people using unapproved or poor quality images. Mosaic’s Complis® gives you the tools to communicate your brand with everyone in your organization as well as external trading partners, including agencies, customers and suppliers.


It is also important to be able to update content quickly and easily, but more importantly, to ensure that changes are reflected throughout all media. Mosaic’s Complis® gives you the ability to make changes in one place which automatically updates all medias. Replacing an image in Mosaic’s Complis® will automatically update content pages, email broadcasts, artwork and web2print templates.


Mosaic’s Complis® provides your organization with the tools to create content and delegate editorial rights of certain pages, or parts of pages, to the right people. As the Content Management System (CMS) is completely integrated with other parts of Mosaic’s Complis®, such as Digital Asset Management, Web2Print and procurement, it also means that whilst controlling your brand you are not duplicating any work or storing multiple copies of the same image, which not only saves money but also gives better version control and audit trails.

Organisations today need instant access to information and Mosaic’s Complis® enables this using its powerful document management solution.


Mosaic’s Complis® integrates with a range of document scanning systems and enables users to remotely access documents as scanned images which have been indexed for instant retrieval; even if there are millions of images to search.


Mosaic’s Complis® Document Management does this by:
• Automatically uploading documents once they have been scanned to the secure Mosaic’s Complis® document archive
• Indexing the images using Metadata provided by the scanning software for instant search and retrieval
• Automatically creating a thumbnail image of the documents, which remote users can review
• Allowing users to search on unique metadata e.g. name, unique reference, account code, date or keyword searches to find the relevant document
• Providing secure remote user access to the archive via a secure Mosaic’s Complis® user login
• Creating page turning pdfs to simplify searching of multipage documents


The Mosaic’s Complis® document management solution is used by a wide range of industries including Financial Services, HR and major UK and international charities to manage the end-to-end receipt and processing of charitable donation responses.
Mosaic’s Complis® document management is an automatically scalable solution which allows customers to not have to worry about storage space or the number of documents they use. We hold many millions of images which are instantly retrievable at any time of the day or night.


Access to each client archives is managed using secure user logins and all client’s archives are segregated to avoid unauthorised access.
Our solution complies with PCI DSS and the Fundraising Code of Practice requirements in relation to storage sensitive personal data and specific data is redacted at the point of scanning to prevent unauthorised access.

The pressure is on to make your brand heard through all the noise. Marketers and creatives have the challenge of producing content to distribute through a variety of different channels. The volume of visual and digital files organisations have to manage is rapidly growing. The challenge comes with trying to centralise, find, search and distribute these files. With a Mosaic’s Complis® system DAM you can securely access your files and collaborate easily with other stakeholders.


The centralised DAM means that marketers’ and buyers are able to get digital assets for marketing campaigns out to key suppliers as soon as they are ready: no matter where stakeholders or suppliers are located. This means that if you send a purchase order to a supplier before the artwork is signed off, the supplier will be notified and can download it as soon as it is approved.


Mosaic’s Complis® system DAM has many benefits including:
• Asset security, preventing assets from getting lost or misplaced
• Controlled access to each asset and what users can do with it
• Approval workflows which match the way you currently work and provide a full audit of all changes made to the asset
• Audit trail each time the asset is accessed, modified or used
• Ability to upload any type of file including documents, videos, artwork and image files
• Automatic e-book thumbnail and e-creation of files to speed up browsing and viewing
• Automatic version control and audit trail
Ability to access assets anytime and from anywhere

Today’s marketing environment is changing rapidly, marketers need to have a grasp of a wide range of technologies, be able to make decisions rapidly and reach their customers across multiple channels.
That’s where Mosaic’s Complis® can help. Mosaic’s Complis® isn’t only about providing buyers with the most efficient procurement platform available, it’s also about providing marketing with solutions that deliver superior return on marketing investment.


Digital Asset Management (DAM)

• Understand the value of your enterprise wide digital assets
• Protect the value of your existing brands
• Free up resources by making the right assets available, to the right people, all of the time
• Add additional information to each asset to speed up searches, avoid costly copyright charges for misuse and manage future usage
• Improve collaboration and avoid duplication
• Automatically resize and optimise image resolution for print and online channels


Being able to reach your customers across multiple channels is critical when consumers are in control. Mosaic’s Complis® is able to deliver integrated communications across all channels including print, online, email, mobile and broadcast communications.


Cross Media Campaigns

Mosaic’s Complis® enables a single marketing manager to manage integrated campaigns from a single solution. Mosaic’s Complis® provides the ability to:
• Create highly personalised Direct Mail, loyalty, email and SMS campaigns, targeted to specific segments
• Automatically receive and process data uploads for predefined campaigns
• Track and report on open and response rates, by channel, in real-time


Brand Management

Mosaic’s Complis® acts as your brand custodian, enabling enterprise wide management of your corporate brand, whilst maintaining your brand values and guidelines. Mosaic’s Complis® does this by combining:
• Integrated Content Management System (CMS)
• InDesign Web2Print (W2P)
• Dynamic brand compliant templates
• Document creation and approval workflows
Online ordering and secure payment processing

Mosaic’s Complis® will help you manage your integrated marketing spend to boost your revenues, retain satisfied customers and connect with new prospects – right across every customer journey.

Mosaic’s Complis® will help you deploy innovative, cohesive campaigns across all media types; maximising your return on marketing investment (ROMI).