Asset approval and Online proofing

Asset Approval Workflows

Industries that are highly regulated, such as Financial Services, need to maintain a full audit of any changes made to copy, images and artwork used to market their products. Mosaic’s Complis® has been developed to provide total compliance and visibility of the approval process.


Mosaic’s Complis® improves the processes involved in approving highly complex documents across disparate workgroups. Mosaic’s Complis® achieves this by creating seamless and efficient workflows based on your current business rules and by keeping relevant stakeholders informed of the current status of any asset in the approval process - all in real-time and fully auditable.

Online Proofing

Mosaic’s Complis® proofing workflow is smooth and easy to manage. Not only has Mosaic’s Complis® accelerated clients review and approval process, it will also save a significant amount of time and cost on paper proofing.

What our clients think.

Account Director

International Financial Organisation
I can say that Complis® is quite easily the best, fastest and most accurate MIS that I have worked with...


Studio Manager
The ability to share everything simultaneously has made our workflow incredibly simple. At any point in our process, I'm able to know who has made a decision or comment and when. I'm a big fan of Mosaic’s Complis®


Print Management Company
Complis® improved visibility over all aspects of the business whilst also expanding our service offering.