The Brief.

We researched the Proactiv user through our insight lab and found out that the subscriber has become environmentally conscious and concluded that potential future subscribers were put off from ordering Proactiv products due to the environmental unfriendly packaging solution. Therefore, Proactiv initiated a huge push into cutting down on packaging waste and one-use plastics. Their existing subscription mail-out solution relied on multiple different box types and vac-formed plastic trays to hold and protect product during transit. This led them to a hard to recycle product and high manufacturing cost.

The Solution.

Mosaic re-designed a full retail and subscription mail packaging suite, using 3D design to generate full working concepts, and technical design to reduce 100% of the plastics used and introduce fully recycled materials. Once the 3D design was approved, unprinted sample were produced to transit test the solution, to ensure the product was viable.

Plastic trays were replaced with modular shredded filler to allow the flexibility of packing various different product configurations while retaining the protection offered while in transit.

Overall the solution led to a 100% recyclable solution with an overall production saving of 37%.

The Future.

Mosaic produce the production orders for both retail and subscription packaging and fulfil 1,000 parcels a day from our full bespoke pick and pack service on site.

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