Campaign Management

Campaign Planning

Manage Your Budgets

Complete control and visibility of spend across product teams, work groups, departments, offices and regions. Centralising your plans, forecasts and actuals, so departments can easily communicate key information, make faster and better decisions and stay within budget.


Financial Planning

- Plan - marketing campaigns by team, brand, even location.
- Forecast - spend, measure variance and balance the budget.
- Report - on actual spend and compare to approved plans.


Task Management

Marketers react to changes in the market place hence campaigns being launched at speed. But with multiple activities that need to be planned and coordinated across multiple channels and cross functional teams, it can be a very long and time consuming experience.

The Mosaic’s Complis® system Task Manager, solves this very challenge, and gives departments the tools to efficiently plan, coordinate, and share relevant key marketing activity.

Mosaic’s Complis® system provides the information to make campaigns progress more efficiently, keeping all stakeholders informed of the key tasks that need to be achieved and highlighting those tasks where additional action or resource may be required. Marketing teams can now see and manage their activities within a project calendar.


- Unified – Fuse planning and execution, managing and launching your campaigns in a single platform

- Actionable – Build complete campaigns directly in the calendar, and coordinate with other activities as you plan – not after the fact

- Specialised – Create and share views unique to your marketing team’s needs, such as by channel, target audience, and more

Campaign Management

Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Mosaic’s Complis® provides a range of operational and financial management reporting to enable users to make strategic procurement and business decisions based on accurate real-time information.


As well as providing detailed statistical information our management reporting helps to identify and report on noticeable trends or service level exceptions.


Performance measurement is a critical deliverable for many clients, Mosaic’s Complis® is a key component in the definition, management and delivery of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Mosaic’s Complis® has been developed to be an open system which can interface with proprietary and specialist systems such as accounting or procurement systems.


The Mosaic’s Complis® database structure means that all data is held centrally and immediately accessible, meaning reports can be automated and made available for stakeholders with minimum user intervention. Report frequencies and distribution lists can be created simply to coincide with business critical deadlines such as month end and can be configured to only run when relevant.

Reports can be output in a number of formats including, excel, word and pdf; as well as raw data which can be integrated with client accounting or procurement systems.


Whilst Mosaic’s Complis® can report on any information held in the database typical reports include:

- Saving achieved against target
- Stock reports, including full stock usage history
- Client satisfaction ratings, SLAs and KPIs
- Supplier ratings and service quality
- Lead-times and achievements against schedules
- Category spend, by user, department, division
- Number of jobs processed

Efficiency measures, process and procedure improvements