Mosaic Group.

At Mosaic, the customer always comes first.


This is an essential part of our service – our whole ethos, even.

We are a unique marketing execution company, based in York, and working across the UK.

But what does “marketing execution” mean?

It means we make things happen. Research and insight, business technology, design studio services, print production, procurement and fulfilment, all under one roof…


Meet the Mosaic team

We do things


❯ Collaboration

We build better when we work together.

❯ Integrity

We build trust through honest relationships and responsible actions.

❯ Effective

Powered by creativity, we’re driven by our desire for executional excellence, always.

❯ Agility

We ask questions and act, with open minds, focus and speed. Respect we value everyone and treat people with dignity.

❯ Passion

We love what we do and do our utmost to ensure you love it too, pursuing excellence relentlessly.



  • Our workplace
  • Our culture
  • Our clients

It’s where we do our best work.

The majority of our 25 staff members are based at office space in York House business park, which is owned by our CEO, Tony Gill, and situated in the North Yorkshire countryside.

The office is surrounded by 12,000 trees and a nature reserve as part of our commitment to sustainability.

In early 2020, the whole office space was redesigned with a huge focus on our people and their wellbeing. We have developed a space where people can work, collaborate, and relax.

For us, it’s not just an office. It’s where we do our best work.

Welcome to the family.

We see ourselves as a genuine family. We don’t just come to work to do a job, our team comes into the office because they care. Why do they care? Because we provide genuine support and have built an approachable management team, meaning everyone helps each other.

Mosaic recognises people don’t have to work for us; we make it so they want to work with us.

Ideas don’t always appear when you’re sat in a meeting room though. It’s usually when you’re relaxing – that’s why we have a ping pong table, a pool table, and a gym.

Customer always comes first.

Mosaic Group always focus on putting our customers first.

We immerse ourselves into our client’s brand and become part of their brand family too. Our experts pride themselves on being easy to work with, supporting our customers in decision making processes and always going above and beyond for them.

Our team are the ultimate brand ambassadors.

Our History.

A lot of great business plans start on the back of an envelope – ours starts, oddly enough, with making them. Due to our CEO’s passion for smart planning, Mosaic Group began as a print management business and has now evolved into a leading marketing execution company.

Tony and Jane Gill sold their home to start their first business, Great Northern Envelopes.
GNE is sold to Adare Printing Group in a multimillion-pound deal.
Tony and Jane move on, founding Encore Direct, soon the largest envelope manufacturer in the UK.
The Gills win E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year.
Mosaic Print Management is founded.
Complis technology is built and launched.
Full state of the art Fulfilment offering launched.
Our creative services were launched.
Mosaic rebrands to be a leading marketing execution company – Mosaic Group. Activation services were launched.
Our insight and research offering launched.
New working environment at York House for flexible working.
2022 new marketing platform developed and set to launch.

Let’s transform your ideas into reality.

Take the next step.

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