Meet the

Mosaic Group.

At Mosaic, the customer always comes first. This is an essential part of our service – our whole ethos, even.

We are a unique marketing execution company, based in York, and working across the UK.

But what does “marketing execution” mean?

It means we make things happen. The full picture. Research and insight, business technology, design studio services, print production, procurement and fulfilment, all under one roof.

Our History.

A lot of great business plans start on the back of an envelope – ours starts, oddly enough, with making them.

Due to our CEO’s passion for smart planning, Mosaic has been able to remain one of the leading Print Management companies in the UK, whilst breaking into new areas of expertise.

Tony and Jane Gill sold their home to start their first business, Great Northern Envelopes.
GNE is sold to Adare Printing Group in a multimillion-pound deal.
Tony and Jane move on, founding Encore Direct, soon the largest envelope manufacturer in the UK.
The Gills win E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year.
Steve Smith partners with Tony and Jane to found Mosaic Print Management.
Complis Technology built and launched.
Mosaic Fulfillment launched.
Mosaic offer creative service.
Mosaic Studio is formed to offer a full agency experience.
New working environment created to include the Insight Lab and Virtual reality technologies.